SHOW DATES: Friday 20th and Saturday 21st October 2017

Horse Events at the 2017 Spring Show will be held on the Main Arena as well as the Arundel St Ovals.

2017Benalla-Horse (ready for download)

Late entries will be available on the day ($5/class or as listed for Showjumping)

Please note: Sometimes changes in a schedule are necessary. If any changes occur then they will be listed here.



Judging Timetable for 2017
Please note there have been a couple of last-minute changes

Friday Ring 1 Main Arena 9.00am Led Hacks/ Hacks/ Ponies/ Senior Riders/ Hunters Mr M. Jones
Friday Ring 2 Main Arena 9.00am Led Galloways / Galloways/ Hacks / Intermediate Riders /Hunters Mrs R. Metherall
Friday Ring 3 Main Arena 9.00am Led Ponies/ Ponies/ Galloways/ Junior Riders/ Hunters Ms I. Hutchison
Friday Ring 4 Main Arena 9.00am Open Led / Arabian / Quarter Horse/ Coloured/ Warmblood / Standardbred/ Pinto Ms A. Meursing
Friday Ring 4 Main Arena 2.00pm Harness Mr B. Hamblin
Saturday Ring 1 Arundel St Oval 9.00am Turnout/ Hacks/ Ponies/ Senior Riders/ Hunters/ District Mrs N. Yodgee
Saturday Ring 2 Arundel St Oval 9.00am Turnout/  Galloways/ Hacks / Intermediate Riders /Hunters / District Mr H. Morris
Saturday Ring 3 Arundel St Oval  9.00 Turnout/ Ponies/ Galloways/ Junior Riders/ Hunters/ District Mrs R. Graham
Saturday Ring 4 Main Arena 9.00am Pony Club Mrs B. Gill
Saturday Ring 5 Main Arena 10.00am Fun Ring Ms S. Paton
Saturday Ring 6 Main Arena 9.00am HRCAV Ring Mr R. Daggett
Saturday Ring 7 Main Arena 10.00am Clydesdales Mr B. Hamblin
Saturday Ring 8 Main Arena 9.00am  Open Led / Pony breeds Ms S. Tselepis
Saturday Ring 9  Main Arena  1pm  Australian Stock Horse / Morgan Ms T. Rabie

Last updated: 29 September 2017